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Thermospot® Fire is a thermographic system for the early detection of fires through the use of radiometric infrared cameras. The data provided by these infrared cameras are processed by ad hoc developed software which makes it possible to detect the fire even before the formation of flames and thus anticipate the fire of material that is difficult to extinguish by many hours.


It is ready to use, customizable and simple to install thanks to the web-server software structure which allows you to reduce the hardware components to a minimum, also guaranteeing cost savings.

Thanks to this structure, the Thermospot® Fire software can be viewed through any device connected to the same network (pc, tablet, smartphone, ...)


The system can be customized as needed:

It is compatible with all infrared cameras on the market.

The standard configuration manages up to 4 infrared cameras to which expansion modules can be added for the management of up to 32 infrared cameras.

The I/O interface allows it to be integrated into existing fire extinguishing systems, to signal alarms and pre-alarms via siren and/or flashing light, to call via telephone dialer, …

Thermospot® Fire can be installed in waste management plants, material deposits such as coal and sulfur, paper mills, …

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